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The Difference Between Day And Evening Makeup

makeupDaytime makeup and evening makeup are totally different.  The major difference between the two is due to the lighting effect achieved.  The lighting effect changes your appearance, even when you wear the same makeup during the day and night. 

The same cosmetic products can be used both during the day and at night, but the color choices and intensities should differ.

Light sources

At work or home, we are exposed to different lights such as fluorescent lighting (blue light) and incandescent lighting (red or yellow).  People who have blue eyes have more redness in the skin, which is accentuated under fluorescent lights.

Brown eyed people have more yellow tones in their skin and this changes the look of the makeup they wear.  Red lights soften all colors and this is why photographers use warm, soft lights to hide imperfections.  This makes pictures look flawless.

Depending on the light source, makeup needs to be changed to help you look your best.

Daytime Makeup

Use a natural tone under blue lights to sharpen colors and make your features appear brighter.  Lighter colors are generally recommended for makeup use during the day.  For daytime use, wear neutral colors like brown and grey.  Use light colored eye shadows and lipsticks with a single coat of eyeliner and mascara.  If you intend to wear shimmer in the daytime, it should be subtle and not as brightly colored.

Nighttime Makeup

Evening outings and nighttime activities give us the opportunity to use bright colors and shimmering makeup.  You can choose to wear a gold lipstick or lip gloss as well as dark colors such as red, blue and green.  Glitters and frosts which are not recommended for daytime wear go best with evening makeup.

They give the skin a shine and a glowing effect in the light of the moon or in the lighting of dinner locations and night clubs.  They can also be used on the shoulders and back.  It is also best to use two or three coats of mascara on the lashes to complete a gorgeous evening look.

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