The Essentials Of Keratin Hair Therapy

Keratin Hair TherapyScores of women, world over, regularly struggle to cope with frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Keratin hair therapy has proved to be a miracle cure to frizz related problems.

This particular hair treatment is being used in all high-end salons to give straight, lustrous and shiny hair that can remain that way for about 2-3 months which means that women do not have to painstakingly style on a daily basis. The most popular keratin treatments are the Brazilian keratin therapy and the Coppola hair therapy. Keratin therapy is a hair straightening technique, which is being popularly, used world over.

What Is Keratin Hair Straightening?

Keratin is a molecule, which seals the cuticle of your hair and fills in all the gaps, which are causing your hair to be dry, damaged and brittle. The keratin treatment solution is mixed with various degrees of formaldehyde, which helps to lock the keratin into your hair.

Once the hair is ironed out, the formaldehyde keeps the hair that way, no matter how many times you wash your hair. The hair straightening treatment is very expensive and the cost varies depending on the length of your hair. On an average, one session can cost upwards of $300.

The treatment can take as long as 90 minutes. This hair straightening treatment is ideally recommended after a colouring job, as the colour looks ravishing on straightened, shiny hair. The formaldehyde also manages to hold the colour in place, which means that your hair will also look vibrantly rich in its colour hue.


There is some amount of downtime required for this therapy. After the treatment, women are asked to not wash their hair for 3-4 days afterward so that the solution can seep well into the hair. You may also have to use specific shampoos, which are free of sodium sulphate. Sodium sulphate reacts with the keratin solution and prematurely strips the hair off the solution.

Keratin Hair Therapy

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Many women with curly, wavy hair have reported the huge difference that this therapy has made to their hair styling routine. Most women mange to save at least a couple of hours as treated hair only requires shampooing and blow-drying. The treatment is also resistant to weather changes, which means that you will not end up with a mop of frizzy hair on a cold, rainy day. The hair will remain silky and shiny.

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The Side Effects Of Formaldehyde

Many scientists and researchers have reported that formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Formaldehyde is a colourless compound with a strong, pungent odour. Formaldehyde can also lead to mild allergies like runny nose, itchiness, headaches and sore throat. The levels of formaldehyde vary.

The higher the levels, the more pungent the odour. Most companies are using safe levels but many complaints have been launched against salons who are themselves adding more formaldehyde to the solution in order to make the treatment more potent. Anything between 8-10% is very high. The other con is the use of flat irons, which are causing the hair to be burned, damaged and prone to breakage.

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