The Health Benefits Of Blackberries

blackberriesBlackberries are a small fruit that have been around for so long they are actually mentioned in the Bible. When you are looking at blackberries at the grocery store or farmer’s market, you want to avoid the shiny blackberries. The shininess is a sign that the berry isn’t quite ripe. You want to select a berry that looks a little dull.

The best period in which to purchase blackberries is the middle of June through the middle of July, when the blackberries are fresh. A single serving of blackberries is 100 grams. In addition to tasting great, there are many health benefits to eating blackberries.


Blackberries are an excellent way to prevent dehydration. Each of the little berries is full of water.


Blackberries contain large amounts of a mineral called tannin. Most people are familiar with tannin because it helps give wine a unique flavor; what they don’t know is that in addition to flavoring wines, tannin is also a good way to keep your body’s tissues nice and tight. The tannin found in blackberries is also an excellent way to treat scrapes and scratches that are oozing a small amount of blood.


Blackberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, which can protect you from something called free radicals. Free radicals are cells that float freely in your blood stream. When enough of these cells get together they can cause cancer. Eating a serving of blackberries every single day will help prevent the free radicals from forming and lower the chances of your developing several different types of cancer.

Blackberries Will Improve Your Overall Health

Many people have noticed that after eating a helping of blackberries, they no longer had a sore throat.

Eating blackberries is also an excellent way to clear up mild toothaches and gum infections.

If you are having any type of colon problems, you should consider making blackberries a regular part of your diet. The regular consumption of blackberries can treat hemorrhoids, cure diarrhea, eliminate constipation, and cleanse your colon.

Anti-aging Properties

Blackberries could be your very own personal fountain of youth. There is something in the little bits of fruit that makes your skin appear smoother, eases aching joints, and helps prevent osteoporosis.