The Many Benefits of the Papaya Fruit

papayaThe next time you are strolling through your local grocery store’s produce section, you might want to take the time to pick up a couple of Papayas. You’ll find the papayas in the same place as pineapples, mangoes and coconuts. Anyone who likes sweet fruit will fall in love with the papaya’s rich flavor. Not only do papayas taste delicious, they are also good for you.

The Health Benefits of the Papaya

Papayas are an excellent way to meet your daily nutritional needs. Papayas are an excellent way to increase your daily intake of Phosphorus, Vitamin C and Calcium. Eating papaya will help you reduce the amount of water you have to drink; just one fruit will provide you with 90.8% of your daily moisture needs.

Papayas are an excellent dietary choice for anyone who is suffering from digestive problems; the reason for this is because the papaya is rich in an enzyme called papain. Papain is a cysteine enzyme that Nutritionist and holistic healers have used for years to assist with digestive problems such as soothing chronically upset stomachs, constipation, treating motion sickness and clearing up infected colons.

People who are suffering from ulcers find that the pain decreases after they started to add papaya to their diet.

Other health benefits of papaya is an improved cardiovascular system and low cholesterol.

If you are at a risk for developing cancer, you might want to make papaya part of your daily menu. Researchers have noticed that patients who regularly eat papaya are less likely to develop cancerous cells in their glands and organs.

You don’t necessarily have to eat papaya to enjoy the health benefits of the papaya fruit.  After peeling the papaya, place the strips of peal on a minor wound. The enzymes in the peel will speed the healing process while also soothing the injured skin. Papaya can also be used on warts and rashes.

The Financial Benefits of the Papaya

Times are tough and money is tight. One of the benefits of papaya is that it can help you save money. Papaya is a natural bleaching agent. Mixing a small amount of papaya juice to your soaps and household cleansers can increase their cleansing power, allowing you to purchase lower priced generic brands.

Replacing your expensive lotions and face washes with papaya extract will reverse the aging process and soften your skin.