The Top Causes And Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

The Top Causes And Symptoms Of Tennis ElbowTennis elbow is a condition that occurs due to acute inflammation of the tendons in the elbow region, which leads to pain in the bony area of the elbow. The condition is usually found in people who play competitive sports like badminton, tennis and other racquet games.

However, this condition is not merely restricted to these sports but can occur with anyone who is engaging in sudden and repetitive movements of the wrist. Let us now see some of the common causes and symptoms of tennis elbow.

Causes Of Tennis Elbow

The condition of tennis elbow can be attributed to several factors.

The Tendency To Squeeze And Grip

Any action, which forces an individual to engage in actions like extreme squeezing and gripping, can lead to tennis elbow. This condition is very prominent in people who use hammers, sledges and sickles. Carpentry work, which requires drilling and embedding of nails could lead to a tennis elbow. This occurs as the same muscle or tendon is being overused and causes it to develop a muscle pull or strain.

The Game Of Tennis

As the name suggests, this condition is very common in tennis players especially those who are playing at a highly competitive level. A poor backhand, a sharp serve or a late forehand swing could injure the elbow tendons and lead to a tennis elbow.

Small Racquet Grips

Some tennis racquets are poorly designed and make it difficult for a person to have a full and solid grip of the racquet. Some individuals have very large palms, which may make the racquet grip too small.

Tight Strings And Wet Balls

The severity and intensity of your forearm swing or backhand swing depends a lot on the condition of the ball and the tightness of the racquet strings. The action becomes strained when any of these conditions are present.

The Top Causes And Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

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Signs And Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

The condition of tennis elbow can lead to varying symptoms and affected people may exhibit different symptoms. Let us study some of the typical symptoms of a tennis elbow.

Stiffness In The Elbow

One of the most common symptoms of a tennis elbow is stiffness in the elbow joint. This makes it difficult to bend the arm at the elbow. At times, clicking sounds can also be heard due to inadequate lubrication of the joint.


Like any muscle or tendon in the body, injury or over strain of the elbow tendon can lead to pain which can range from mild to severe in its intensity. The pain intensifies when the affected patient tries to move his/her arm or tries to grip something. The squeezing action can lead to immense pain.

Sore Forearm

A sore arm or forearm is a common complaint among tennis players. This is one of the most common injuries in all racquet games. The soreness could start from the wrist and extend all the way up to the elbow.

Weak Wrists

Chronic tennis elbow symptoms could lead to a weak wrist. This is indicated in the individual’s ability to perform simple tasks like opening a doorknob or shaking hands with someone. Performing these routine and mundane tasks becomes difficult.

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