Tips For Beautiful Feet

pedicure111When summer comes, everyone slips out from their sneakers and boots and slips into sandals and flip-flops. The time comes to flaunt your feet. Let’s make sure your feet look terrific in any footwear.

Cleaning Feet: First, remove any existing nail polish, wash feet nicely, and then soak them in bearably warm water for around five to ten minutes or till the water gets cold. You can add some regular salt or bath salts as this act as a bleaching agent.

Dry feet completely and then cut your nails or file them depending on your convenience. Make sure your nails are not soft when you do this as it could cause the nail to break. Also, do not cut them in a curve as it could lead to ingrown toenails. Instead cut them straight across. Soften the rough skin, edges, and remove dead skin using a pumice stone.

Clean the nails and the sole of the feet thoroughly with the help of a foot brush. Apply some cream or lotion on your nails. Using a cuticle pusher slowly push back your cuticles a little. Massage both feet with a lotion of your choice. Remove any excess lotion by gently patting feet with a towel

Applying Polish: If you do not wish to apply any particular color of nail polish, you can apply a clear polish on your nails. This gives a neat and tidy appearance. Stuff cotton between the toes or use toe separators so that the toes do not stick to each other due to the polish.

When applying polish it is very important to apply a base coat. This helps protect the nails. Start with a little polish down the center of the nail. Then apply polish to the sides of the nail. Apply a minimum of two coats to ensure that the polish stays longer and the color looks good.

Finish off with a top coat to protect the polish. Do not forget to wait till each coat dries completely before applying the next coat. Protect all your pedicure equipment by sanitizing it with alcohol.

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