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Tips For Healthy Nails And Nail Care

Healthy nails are the pre requisites for your hands to look good and beautiful. Even if you are well dressed with latest hair style and nice make up but the moment people see those chapped nails or yellow nails which are not done nicely, you will lose all the impression you have created.  So why make them feel ignored, why not do some routine care so that you also have healthy nails. It is very easy to get those pretty nails by following few nail care tips. Why not check them out and follow them so that you can sport well groomed and beautiful nails.

Feed Calcium To Your Nails

Nails are best in showing how healthy you are, so proper nail care is necessary along with healthy diet which should be rich in calcium, minerals and vitamins. The best way to increase calcium intake naturally is by eating dry lotus stem, ragi, turnip or milk and milk products. But if it is not possible then you can go for calcium supplements too. Soya protein in the form of tofu and soya milk is very good for healthy nails. You can eat lots of nuts to fulfill the requirement of essential oils, which will keep our nails and skin healthy and shiny. Cow’s milk and dairy products like cheese, curd and cottage cheese are good sources of calcium which can be taken in diet.

Know About The Healthy Nails

Usually we do not realise what kind of nails are considered to be healthy. The ones which are smooth and regular in colour are supposed to be healthy nails. Lines or ridges all through the nails running vertically are not to be concerned about as they arrive with age. But there is problem with nails if they get discoloured, chapped or break easily etc. Get the proper treatment as they indicate some health problem which needs to be treated.

Pamper Nails With Nail Care Tips

Nail care is such a fad these days that good beauty salons have special Nail Bars for treatment of nails, pedicures and nail arts. But you can do something regularly at home to pamper your nails. Moisturise them religiously so that the cuticle remains healthy and in turn your nails too. Never peel or remove the dry cuticle, they will fall off on their own. You should oil the dry cuticle so that they get proper care.

Nail Care Tips

Nail care is very important to keep them healthy and in shape. So here are few nail care tips listed below which you can use to keep them healthy. Never use your finger nails as tools to open tight covers or lids etc. as it can damage them. File your nails once in a week to keep them in shape. Keep them properly trimmed and avoid growth of bacteria by keeping them clean. It is a good habit to wear rubber hand gloves while doing household chores like washing, cleaning with harsh detergents or chemicals. They will steal all the moisture from the nails and the cuticle and damage them.

After washing your hands always apply moisturiser to the nails and hands in order to keep them healthy. Even the toe nails should be cleaned everyday while bathing and all the dirt lodged in them should be cleaned to give a nice clean look to them. Even scrubbing them every day is a nice way to keep the toe nails clean.Try not to use nail paints all the time, let the nails breathe. So leave them without nail paint for some time. If possible just massage your nails every night before sleeping with olive oil. This will keep the cuticle moisturised and nails healthy.

Some Common Nail Problems And Nail Care For Them

Tips for healthy nails

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Chipping Nails

You can apply a coat of acrylic nail paint on nails to protect them from chipping. This is a common problem in nails which indicates that there is lack of proteins and calcium in the body, so eat nuts as much as you can to fulfil the requirement.

Yellow Nails

Yellow nails are a common problem for nails which are not taken care of and if there is some kind of deficiency in the body. If you are using nail paints without any break and the nails are not able to breathe, the nails turn yellow. So it is suggested that you apply a base coat of nail paint first and then apply nail colour. Even using low quality nail paints leads to the problem of yellow nails. Changing the nail colours after 15-20 days is advisable to treat this problem.

Use Good Nail Polish Removers

Generally the nails become dry and an extra white layer deposits on them if you use poor quality nail paint removers. So it is suggested that you should use good removers to clean your nails. Nail paints should be removed every few days, so that nails get time to breathe. Never use cheap forms of remover like Acetone always buy good nail polish removers available in the market. Do not sue the removers very frequently as they can dry the nails and the cuticle.

Ingrown Nails

Toe nails are the most which suffer from the problem of ingrown nails. The best way to get rid of ingrown nails is wear proper shoes of right fit and good quality. Pressure exerted on the nails due to tight shoes causes ingrown nails. In this case instead of growing along the toe the nails start growing inside the skin around the toes. It is very painful too. To avoid ingrown nails whenever you go for pedicure always get them filed by the beautician and in a round shape. This will prevent ingrown nails. If your nails are very thick then soften them before cutting them by dipping your feet in warm water with salt for 5-10 minutes. After washing clean them dry and apply lactic acid cream so that they heal up nicely.
Thus by following these few tips you can sport beautiful and pretty nails which will be appreciated by everyone. Once you get appreciated for your nails and hands do not forget to put a comment on this article and tell how it was helpful for you.

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