Tips On How To Look Stylish

How To Look StylishFashion and style are not mutually exclusive. If you have an inimitable sense of fashion and an enviable style, you can capture a million hearts with your beauty and overall persona. Your own individual style is unique to you and speaks volumes about your personality as well as the creative energies you exude.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Look Stylish

Your Style is Unique

Sit down, introspect, and try to find out the person that you are. What mode of style are you comfortable with? Will it be modern-chic or contemporary-classic? Anything that makes you comfortable and brings out the best in you in terms of confidence and an enhanced public image is what sets you as unique. Choose clothes, shoes and accessories that amply define this.


Just wanting to be stylish is not enough.If you want to up your style quotient, you need to read up and garner necessary information about the latest styles in clothing, shoes, accessories and updos. See what the celebrities are wearing and endorsing. And then pick what works best for you.

How To Look Stylish

Don’t Succumb to Brand Consciousness

Just blindly succumbing to a brand name is hardly enough. You can be impeccable and stylish if high –end street wear is what you like. Factor in affordability, durability and longevity of a particular fashion before you pick up a pair of Gucci sunglasses. If branded wear does not appeal to your sartorial sensibilities do not buy it.

Don’t Ape the West

A fixation with skinny frames and size zeroes seems to be the norm these days. But this is hardly practical as every one cannot possibly achieve a utopian size. Find clothes and shoes that accentuate and suit your body type.

Put Outfits Together

Learn the art of putting outfits together. Develop an intrinsic finesse in what goes with what. You need not have a wardrobe overflowing with ten pairs of denims and dresses galore.

Stick to some basic wardrobe staples like white shirts, two good pairs of denims in different colours, ganjees, tees,2-3 sets of ethnic wear and a couple of flowy evening dresses that flatter your silhouette. Have colour contrasts in your outfits.Include a pair of sneakers, comfortable pair of wedges and a couple of stilletoes.


An ordinary outfit can be made exemplary by using the right accessories.A chunky necklace, beaded earrings, wide, racy belt and an ultra-glam watch can just do the trick. Your accessories should complement your frame and should be a combination of branded and street wear for the perfect harmony.

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Do include different types of bags, totes and clutches that accessorize well with different outfits. Don’t over dose on jewellery. If you want to show off a chunky, over the top diamond ring, keep other jewellery minimal. The art is to not go overboard.

Get Inventive

Take risks and be different.Try to personalize your clothing by stitching your own garments. You can use fancy threads, sequins, block prints or art work to create your own unique outfit. Don’t stick to norms.

Mix and Match

Don’t chuck old clothes. Mix and match them with new ones. Or if you outgrow them, re use them as a different garment.

Be Confident

Once you have carved your own style niche, carry it off with panache. Don’t fidget or squirm while wearing something you have not worn earlier. Wear it with aplomb. With the right attitude and the right accessories you will look stylish and pretty.

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