Tips To Apply Multiple Colors Of Eye Shadow

Multiple Colors of Eye ShadowBalancing various shades of eyeshadow together can be a tricky proposition. While the right application can bring out a glamorous look for your eyes, if done incorrectly it will take the focus away from them and can also be quite embarrassing.

Prepare Your Face

Eye shadows give out the best effects and stay longer without getting smeared on a clean eye surface. So, first of all wash the face using a moisturizing face wash or an oil-free one if you have oily skin.

You can also achieve the same effect by soaking a soft cotton cloth with warm water and gently washing the face with it. Now pat dry and apply an appropriate moisturizing cream.

Then apply concealer and a liquid foundation on the face and set it up thoroughly by application of a loose face powder, this will not only keep the foundation in place but will also provide a matte look to your eye makeup. Oil based foundation has a tendency to drip with time so it should be avoided.

Application Of 3-Layered Eyeshadow

First of all choose the lightest one from the three and put it on the entire area of the eyelid, lightly using an eyeshadow brush. If there are blemishes or uneven surfaces on the eye area the shadow can be extended a bit towards the eyebrow region.

The comparatively darker shade should be reserved for the middle region of the eyelid area; by stroking it near the eyelashes the dramatic effect for your eyes can be attained.Moreover your eyes will look larger.

And finally we come to the darkest of the eyeshadows. This darkest shade is applied on the lowest portion of the eyelid. This eyeshadow can be swept in a continuous motion till the end part of your eyebrows giving you cat like eyes look.

Eyeshadow Makeup

Application Of 4-Layered Eyeshadow

This is quite a tougher proposition and completely depends on the skill of the wearer.First of all ensure that the colors you are picking up for application complement each other and are compatible with the complexion of your skin.

Generally manufacturers today understand the varied needs of the customer and provide compatible shades together in a convenient packaging. First of all pick out the darkest shade of the four and apply it on the area near the base of your eyelids in short but equal strokes from the inner to the outer corner.

Ideally,the eye shadow color should complement either the color of your irises or the dress you are wearing. Use a short eye shadow brush for the purpose. The next color of comparatively lighter hue is used in the middle region of the eyelid. This shadow application is quite important since it gives depth and dimension to the eyeballs.

The next lighter shade is reserved for the area just under the eyebrows. However if your eyebrows are quite prominent it is better to restrict the use to a minimum. Give the final touches with the help of the application of white eyeshadow in the corner of each eye region.

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