Tips To Follow When Choosing A Shampoo For Kids

Shampoo For KidsAs your kid grows up, you would probably want to start washing his/her hair with shampoos and conditioners on a regular basis. However, before doing so, you would need to choose products that do not harm your kid’s hair or scalp.

So if you are on the lookout for a shampoo and conditioner that you can use on your kid on a daily basis, here are some essential pointers you need to take into consideration before choosing a particular brand.

How To Choose A Shampoo For Kids

Check The Label For Chemicals

The first thing you would want to do before buying shampoo and conditioner for your kid would be to check the label behind the package. Some chemicals can be considered extremely harmful for a kid’s hair and scalp; and you need to avoid a product if it contains even minute traces of those chemicals.

Accordingly, stay away from shampoos that contain formaldehyde, dioxane, sodium myreth sulfate, PEG compounds, quaternium and anything that ends with the words xynol, oleth, and ceteareth. You may also want to avoid products that contain imidazolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin and diazolidinyl urea.

Be Aware Of Existing Allergies

Your child may have a skin allergy that could worsen with certain substances found in the products that you choose. So make sure to check his/her condition with a doctor before buying a shampoo you think would suit your little one.

Kid Shampoo

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In case of allergies, the doctor would most probably prescribe medicated shampoos that would not cause any adverse reactions like rashes, irritation or breakouts.

For example, shampoos containing selenium sulfide, salicylic acid and pyrithione are used to treat conditions like dandruff. So if your kid suffers from the issue, the doctor may prescribe a similar shampoo to treat the condition.

Parenting Blogs

There are several online blogs on parenting which usually have parents recommend certain products to others who visit the website. Of course you would need to visit a good number of parenting blogs to make sure that you get an unbiased decisive feedback rather than taking the advice of a single blog that could potentially be an advertising client for the product.

Check For Online Reviews

Before you actually decide to buy a particular brand of shampoo, try to read up some reviews of it on the internet. Do not visit sites that sell the product and so recommend its effectiveness. Rather, visit public forums that would have customers rating these products based on their quality. A couple of unbiased customer reviews could help you make up your mind.

Organic Works Best

Instead of opting for chemical based shampoos, opt for organic products that would be both safe to use and effective. Organic products usually come with a tag at the back which says they have been certified organic by a leading government body. So if you find a similar description on the pack, opt for it.

Fragrances Need To Be Avoided

Some shampoos advertise about attractive fragrances (for example, fruit flavors). However, these shampoos would most likely contain substances called phthalates that could cause fertility issues in adulthood.

Opt For Tear Free Shampoos

Check whether the particular shampoo you choose comes with a label that reads ‘tear free’. Shampoos that do not contain this label could contain certain organic and inorganic compounds that can sting really badly if they enter the eyes.

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