Tips To Get Rid Of Chest Acne

get rid of chest acneChest acne is not as common as it seems. However, women who suffer from it are often in a conundrum as it severely restricts the stylish clothes that they can otherwise wear.

While chest acne can be camouflaged under clothes, it can be irritating and extremely uncomfortable for the sufferer. Chest acne is very common in cities and places having tropical and humid climates.

The excessive sweating tends to exacerbate the acne, causing it to spread to other parts of the body as well. In big metros where women are style conscious, wearing something even remotely revealing is next to impossible.

Causes Of Chest Acne

The main cause of chest acne is environmental humidity. Excessive sweating and an improper hygiene can make the acne spring out of nowhere. Teenage girls are more prone to chest acne than boys because of the excessive amounts of oestrogen circulating in their bodies.

The cleavage is the most acne-prone area. It is similar to the oily t-zone of the face. The number of oil glands in the cleavage area is many. They produce a lot of sebum and combined with the sweat, tend to block the skin pores.

This leads to accumulation of dirt and grime and ultimately acne. The causes are many but acne should not be ignored and treated immediately otherwise it can leave ugly scars and blemishes behind.

Here Are Some Treatment Of Chest Acne

Avoid Synthetic Clothes

Do not wear body hugging, synthetic outfits in the hot summer months. The fabric tends to stick to your skin, causes friction and allows sweat to accumulate. This aggravates the condition of acne.

Avoid Synthetic Clothes

Wear clothes that breathe like simple cotton.  Wear loose cotton shirts and t-shirts. Choose seam less cotton bras without under wires. This will allow your cleavage skin to breathe.

Keep Your Cleavage Area Clean

The cleavage area tends to be neglected and must be kept clean. Use a mild medicated soap if you must. You can also use a prickly heat powder and douse some on your cleavage area. This powder is good for the summer months and helps to absorb the excessive sweat.

Causes For Excessive Sweating

Avoid Oil Massages

Oil massages are a strict no-no if you suffer from chest acne. The oil will further block the skin pores and increase the severity of the acne. If you have to massage, avoid the chest area completely.

Do Not Pick or Scratch The Pimples

One is always tempted to pick or scratch the pimples. Do not do this as it can infect the pimples and worsen the condition. Your hands and nails are often the breeding ground for bacteria that can cause severe infection.


Neem works very well in the case of pimples. Soak some neem leaves in water overnight and grind them into a paste. Now apply this paste on the affected area. Neem is a natural antiseptic and helps to treat pimples.

Take care to wash your hair before bathing and not after so that no oil and shampoo remnant remain on the body as these too can block the pores. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to get rid of acne.