Tips To Look Fresh And Clean To School

Mornings are nightmares to every one of us. We keep on praying so that the week days don’t come up too soon, but nevertheless everyone still continues to look best during the week days.

Looking clean and fresh is a very important thing for school students. Not only does it help to create a good impression among the teachers, but also helps to get the tag of the most popular and prettiest girl or most handsome boy of the school. So, if you are ready to give a thrust to your competitors and to become the most popular among your friends, read on to use these cool tips-

1.    Early To Bed And Early To Rise

Avoid heavy dinner the day before your school.It is very difficult to digest heavy and oily food at night, when our body organs are working at a slow pace.
No matter what, do take your dinner early, most preferably at 7:30 or 8 PM. If you are feeling heavy, go on to a light and relaxing walk, this will help you to ease out. After this stay awake for at least 2-3 hours, and then go to bed as early as possible. If you sleep right away after dinner, food in your stomach will not be properly digested. So for a clean system the next morning, follow this step.

2.    Wake Up Early

It’s a fact that we relish some more seconds in bed. This happens especially on Monday mornings when you feel that the whole burden of the world is on your shoulders. Waking up early from bed can help you to wade off the laziness and make you feel fresh. Even if you have to spare few minutes of your sleep hours, an active morning will help you feel energized and rejuvenated the whole day long.

3.    Morning Exercise

Exercise in the fresh air of morning increases our lifespan by keeping us fit and refreshed. It also spurs the blood circulation resulting in glowing and naturally beautiful skin. So, take some out to do some freehand exercise and go out for a walk or jog. Exercise helps us to stay in ready-to-tackle any situation that students face in school. It also helps to shed off the extra calories and look slim and trim.

4.    Clean Yourself Up

Fresh breath and quirky clean body is the secret to become popular among your classmates. Use a toothpaste that freshens up your breath, a mint toothpaste should be the solution. Use a chewing gum that helps to keep your breath fresh and smelling good all day long. And also avoid food like garlic and onion that aids in bad breath.

After brushing your teeth, go in for a fresh and rejuvenating body wash. Taking bath early in the morning is very refreshing and also helps to keep the body and mind rejuvenated all day long. Use a scented body wash or after-bath body oil to keep off the bad smells and to keep you refreshingly smelling all day long. Use your favourite face wash to keep your skin clean and if you are suffering from acne problems, treat your skin properly to get rid of them as fast as you can, because zits can be your real image destroyer.

5.    Clean Clothes

Clothes reflect the true personality of a person. A clean and proper dress definitely enhances your personality and gives you a boost to go on all day long. Dirty clothes hamper the reputation and also keep your friends at bay. It prevents them from coming close to you.
Last but not the least, keep a positive approach to life and keep smiling for a powerful start and perfect ending of the day.