Top 3 Homemade Hair Softeners

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Everyone wishes to have beautiful hair that is smooth and silky. But it is seen that hair easily turns rough and coarse, owing to many reasons. Heredity and improper hair care are the two major factors which results in the formation of rough hair.

In order to change the texture of hair and to make it smooth, one can follow many salon treatments. But it is seen that most of these treatments make use of chemicals which can cause damage to your hair in the long run. Also, the commercial conditioners and hair conditioners available in the market usually fail to rise to the required level of expectations.

But you needn’t lose hope as there are other alternatives which you can try out, so as to soften your hair. Using homemade hair softeners is one such option which allows you to deal with dry and rough hair. These natural hair softeners will allow you to soften your hair, without making any compromises on its health.

Do read on to discover the easy ways of preparing 3 such homemade hair softeners.

Rosemary Hair Softener

The properties of rosemary make it an important component in preparing hair softeners. In addition to improving your hair texture, rosemary also lends a pleasant fragrance to your hairs. Also, prolonged use of rosemary will help in darkening your hair and combating grays.

In order to prepare the hair softener, one should mix around 25 drops of rosemary essential oil to half a cup of vegetable oil.  Massage this mixture of oils generously onto your hair, leave on for half an hour and rinse off thoroughly. By resorting to rosemary hair treatment at least once a week, you can very well soften your hair and improve its texture.

Homemade Hair Softening Rinse

Another homemade hair softener which is seen to give quick results can be prepared by using apple cider vinegar and lavender. Apple cider vinegar helps in balancing the pH levels in the scalp, thereby controlling excessive oiliness. The action of vinegar also helps in removing the unwanted build up of dirt and residues from the hair and the shaft.

The properties of lavender help in nourishing the hair from the root and will also provide it with a moisturizing effect. Also by using lavender, one can very well mask the strong smell which is given out by vinegar. Thus the combined action of lavender and apple cider vinegar is sure to leave you with tresses that are smooth and shiny.

As the first step in the preparation of the hair softener, one has to boil 4 cups of water. Remove the boiling water from the flame and to it add 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and stir intensely. Following this, do add half a cup of dried lavender to the solution and continue stirring. In order to allow the lavender to steep completely, cover the vessel and make sure it remains untouched for 3 to 4 hours. After the stipulated time period, strain the solution so as to remove the lavender and store it in an air tight container. The homemade hair softener thus prepared should be used to rinse your hair after shampooing. To increase the effectiveness of the hair softener, you can allow the lavender to steep overnight.

Aloe Vera And Grape Fruit Softener

A quick recipe for an effective hair softener involves blending grapefruit pulp and Aloe vera gel to form a smooth paste. This paste is to be then applied on your hair and is to be washed off after half an hour. Using this homemade hair softener at least twice a week will provide you with long lasting results. So without delay, go ahead and try out the above said homemade hair softeners, so as to make your hair smooth and beautiful.

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