Top Benefits Of Non-Surgical Facelifts

Non Surgical Face LiftA non-surgical facelift is an excellent way to improve your skin’s appearance like reducing a double chin, wrinkles, and fine lines and improve the muscle tone of jaw and face.

There are various non-surgical facelift methods and some of them can dramatically improve your appearance without the inconvenience and high expenses of plastic surgery. Some of these effective non-surgical face lifts that gives promising results are herbal treatments, thermage, micro current therapy, thread lift, changes to diet and use of some face masks.

These days many people prefer non-surgical face lifts over surgical procedures because our face is the most sensitive area of the body and it reflects our personality. If surgery goes wrong, it can have deep emotional as well as social impact on patient’s life. Though there will hardly be any risks or complications when surgery is done by a qualified plastic surgeon, still all surgeries to some extent do have certain degree of risk involved.

The procedure that is safe for many may cause complications to a particular person. There is no such risk involved in non-surgical procedures. So unless there is utmost urgency, nobody likes to undergo a surgery. There are many advantages of choosing a non-surgical facelift over a surgical procedure.

Non-surgical Facelifts Successfully Repair the Skin

Many non-surgical methods can improve your appearance dramatically without leaving any side effects, when used regularly. They may not remove wrinkles as effectively as surgical procedures but still people prefer non-surgical procedures because the risk of complication like swelling, scarring, irritation and allergic reaction is minimal with non-surgical procedure as compared to surgical procedures.


Nonsurgical methods are also quite cheaper and easier to use. Even non-surgical procedures that are the most expensive ones will cost you less in comparison to a surgical procedure.


Moreover surgical procedures may include stay in hospital or frequent trips to plastic surgeon’s office and receiving injections. With non-surgical facelift, you can go back to work right after the treatment. There is neither any downtime, nor do you have to deal with after effects of anesthesia, pain and swelling etc.

Unlimited Options

There are various options to choose from when it comes to non-surgical facelift. You can choose the one that best suits your pocket and skin tone. Some of the popular options include:


It uses radio frequency as energy to heat the collagen and organize them which produces a tighter skin and provides you a younger look. It is best suited for people with darker skin and who are between the age group of 30 to 40 years.

Themage Facelift

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Laser Facelift

It is quite similar to radio frequency method as a laser light is used to heat the collagen. The skin tightens and immediate results can be seen. For optimal results, the procedure should be repeated two three times within a couple of months.

Micro Current

Another popular method is micro current. It involves the application of electric current to treat the skin. It stimulates the skin muscles and produces more collagen. As a result, the skin regains its younger look.

Micro Current Facelift

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Thread Facelift

Another effective option is thread facelift. The process is very similar to surgery but is less invasive. The cosmetic surgeon inserts a thread into the skin by making a small incision. This process is used for tightening the loose skin. It is a very cost effective procedure in comparison to real surgery.

All these reasons are enough to conclude that before going for surgery it would be a good ideal to try non-surgical facelift.

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