Top Foods To Avoid With Diabetes

Diabetics can never have it easy. Ask a diabetic to go shopping and he/she will have to think 3-4 times before picking up anything off the food shelf. They have to be exceptionally careful with regard to the food choices that they make.

It is important to choose prudently while shopping for food for a diabetic, as it will drastically affect their blood sugar levels. A diabetic has to derive his/her nutritional requirements from the following food sources namely – Breads/grains/starches, fruits/vegetables, meat, dairy and fats.

Just sticking to the categories is not enough. You will have to choose wisely and choose well. While most practitioners are ranting about the foods you must have if you are a diabetic, I will be giving you a general list of the foods that you should completely avoid if you are a diabetic.

Best Foods To Avoid With Diabetes

Breads/Grains Category

Along with essential vitamins and fibre, grains help to keep the diabetic’s blood sugar within a normal range. Choose complex carbs over simple carbs as complex carbs release sugar into the blood more slowly and thus prevent sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels.


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Here are some of the carbohydrates that you must avoid – white flour, refined sugar, French fries, processed grains like white rice, white bread and white tortillas. These are simple carbs, which are devoid of nutrients and can play havoc with your blood sugar levels

Vegetables Category

Vegetables have loads of vitamins, minerals and fibre but some people go horribly wrong in their food choices when it comes to vegetables. You must avoid eating pickles, canned vegetables, vegetables with a lot of salt and vegetables with added sauces.

Raw Vegetables

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These do more harm than good. Not only are they high on fats and sodium but can also play havoc with your diabetic condition. Opt for fresh, seasonal veggies and try to have them raw, sautéed or steamed to retain their nutrients.


Fruits are a rich source of antioxidants and fiber but not all fruits are considered ideal for diabetics. Avoid having chikoos, bananas, grapes and mangoes all of which are high on sugar. Opt for apples, pears and citrus fruits that are loaded in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are low on sugar.

Citrus Fruits

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Watermelon and jamun are excellent fruit choices for diabetics. Stay away from canned fruits, fruit in syrups, fruit juices etc. as these are all high on sugar.

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Meat Category

If you are a non-vegetarian, a large chunk of protein will be coming from meat sources. The worst culprits for diabetes are full fat meats like pork, bacon, mutton and beef. Any red meat is full of fat and will not only cause your blood sugar to rise but will also increase your body cholesterol. Instead, opt for lean protein like fish and chicken.


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Diabetics will do well to stay away from full fat dairy like full fat milk, cream, regular cheese etc. Opt for skimmed milk and low fat cheese, which are healthier alternatives. Stay away from ice cream, store brought frozen yoghurt and cream based confectionaries like pastries and rolls.

Skimmed Milk
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Fats, Oils and Sweets

Fats and oils are best had in very limited amounts. If you are craving for chips, opt for the baked variety. Fats can lead to sugar spikes and an increase in your overall weight. Stay away from vanaspati, clarified butter, butter, cream and certain refined oils. Olive oil is good for diabetics and can be had in small amounts.