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Top Tips On Airbrush Make Up

Tips On Airbrush Make UpIf you have ever wondered how celebrities sport a flawless complexion, the secret behind it is airbrush make up. Airbrush make up gets you the perfect, flawless skin base that one can only dream of. Most of us would balk at the idea of having to rely on a complicated system like airbrushing for our make up needs but it is not as difficult as it sounds.

In fact, make up enthusiasts can certainly invest in a quality airbrush make up kit and look as good as a celeb. Certain tips can help you choose the right airbrush make up kit. Here are some tips on how to use the kit effectively to get that flawless made up look.

Tips On Airbrush Make Up

The Kit

The airbrush kit comes with an airbrush gun that has a compressor attached to it. In order to try out the equipment, squirt some water on your face with the help of the airbrush gun. This will enable you to get a first hand feel of how the kit works.

Wrist Work

Using an airbrush kit requires a lot of finesse. Make sure your wrist is very steady when you hold the airbrush gun. Try not to flex the wrist. The air coming from the compressor will be a rough guide as to where the makeup will go on your face.

Tie Up Your Hair

Unless you want the makeup flying and reaching your hair, make sure, your hair is securely fastened into a ponytail before you begin to apply the airbrush make up.

Application Of Foundation

Tips On Airbrush Make Up

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When you are applying foundation, you want an even coat all over your face. Make sure that you rotate the gun evenly all over your face. The closer you come to the face, the more concentrated the colour will be. Make sure you do not overspray especially when you are using concealer. This results in a cakey look and the makeup also takes ages to dry. Blemishes may require shorter but more intense bursts of spray.

Keep Your Facial Muscles Relaxed

It is very important to keep your facial muscles relaxed while applying. Squirming and frowning may cause the wrinkles to stand out on your face after the makeup has been applied.

Use Only Airbrush Make Up

Always use make up that comes with the airbrush kit. This will help you get a professional look. Use only 4-6 drops of foundation for your entire face. It is more than enough. Never apply concealer before the foundation.

Prepare Your Skin

Tips On Airbrush Make Up

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It is very important to prepare your skin before you apply airbrush make up. The prepping can be done by washing your face with a good quality, hydrating face wash and then moisturizing your skin. This helps the makeup to set in well. Dry skin will make your skin look patchy.

Clean Your Airbrush Tools

It is very important to clean your airbrush tools before you apply fresh make up. This is because old makes up tends to clog the air brush gun pores. This will cause uneven spraying. Clean by washing the gun with warm water so that no remnants of makeup are left behind.

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