Training Bra

training-braGirls mature into young women at different periods in their lives. So when is it the right time to buy your teen daughter her first bra?

You will know when it is time because you will notice that your teen daughter is starting to feel self-conscious about the way her breasts look. She may notice that the small buds can be seen through her shirt.

When your daughter is ready to buy her first “grown-up” pair of bra and panties and other teen lingerie, it is important to make your daughter feel comfortable about her body. Point out to your daughter all of the positive points of her changing body and the rite of passage she is going through. She will feel good knowing that she is about to become a woman just like her mother.

Teen bras go by many different names. One of the most common names for a teen bra is a training bra. These bras characteristically have smaller cup sizes.

The age of maturation varies amongst young girls. It typically starts around the age of eleven and ends around the age of thirteen but do not be surprised if you see your daughter developing at the age of ten. And on the other hand, do not worry if she does not begin to develop until around age fourteen. It will eventually happen.

As your daughter’s body changes and she begins to develop breasts, she may ask you to take her shopping for a training bra because the other girls are starting to wear them. It is kind of like when a young boy starts to get a few facial hairs and immediately wants to learn how to shave.

If you notice that your daughter is starting to grow breasts and she tells you that the other girls are wearing training bras, then you will need to get her some so that she does not feel self-conscious during certain classes where her body may be exposed such as physical education or after school sports.

Finding a bra for any woman is not easy. You cannot just go into a store, pick one off the rack and purchase it. You need to try it on and find the right size. When you take your teen daughter lingerie shopping, it is the best time to get her professionally fitted and teach her about sizing and measurements so that she can find the plus size bras on her own. She will need to find lingerie that is comfortable.

That means that the lingerie should not be too big or too small. Your daughter will also need to learn how to find bras that give her adequate support as her breasts grow. Active girls may choose to purchase sports bras as opposed to regular bras because these will make them feel comfortable while being active.

It is an important period of a girl’s life when her body begins to change. It can also be a scary time. Your daughter may develop faster or slower than the other girls and that can make her feel self-conscious. When you take her lingerie shopping, teach her how to be proud of the changes that her body is going through. That way she will have a positive self image.