Types of Cloth Diapers for Your Baby

Diapers are available in a huge variety and there are many times that you might want to categorize and differentiate between the various types that are available.

This is why we have explained the difference between the various diapers that are available. Following is the description of the various diapers that there are.

The first category is called the Contour Diapers. These diapers have an hourglass shape but they do not have elastic in the leg or the waist area. These diapers need not be folded even though they seem to be like the pre fold diapers. These diapers need to be fastened with diaper pins or something alike, because they do not have any closures. You will have to add a waterproof layering into the diaper because the contour diapers do not come with one.

Then there is a category called the All in One or the AIO diapers. With an hourglass shape and elastic in legs and waist to contain the waste, these diapers are disposable. They comprise of three layers one of which is a one piece inner, an absorbent soaker and a waterproof outer.

They close with hook and loop system or using snaps. These are the simplest form of cloth diapers and they do not need any cover. Available in different sizes, there are two types of AIO diapers: the True and the Quick Dry.

The third category is the All in Two (AI2), which are the similar to the AIOs except that the soaker in the AI2 is separate from the main body of the diaper. This diaper does not need any cover because the outer body has a waterproof layer. The great advantage of an AI2 diaper is that the body and the soaker can be separated for individual cleaning and thorough drying.

There are additional components of the diaper forms called the Contour Soakers and Contour Inners. They usually are rectangular or hourglasses shaped and consist of layers of absorbent fabric material. They can be snapped into or sewn into the diapers.

Finally there is the cover less form where no inner absorbing material is provided by being sewn or snapped, to allow better air circulation.