Types Of Domestic Violence

abusive-spouseIf you flip the pages of a newspaper, you will find at least one article or news on domestic violence. What is domestic violence? It is a form of crime done to a spouse. In this case, the wife is the victim.

This kind of violence includes torturing the wife physically, mentally, and even sexually. In most cases, the wives who are dependant on the husbands are the victims. They are trapped in a terrible marriage and do not have anywhere to go.

Domestic violence is a form of domination. The aim is to dominate the weaker partner and find ways to dominate.

The most common form of domestic violence is physical abuse. As a matter of fact the two terms are considered synonymous these days. This is also the oldest form of domestic violence. It usually starts with something like a slap but then over time it will get worse.

In fact, after a while the abuser might use any kind of weapon to hurt the victim. There have been countless deaths due to physical abuse. A study shows that from January to June 2008, 179 women faced severe domestic violence and 112 women were killed by their spouse. All these incidents took place in Bangladesh.

Along with the physical abuse comes the mental torture. Often the abuser tends to hurt the victim emotionally. This includes calling the wife by names, insulting her in front of people or making fun of her, insulting her family members, telling her that she is not good.

All of this has a traumatic impact on the woman who faces this. She not only loses her self-esteem and confidence, but after a while, she actually starts to believe that what she is being accused of is actually true. This leads to a mental breakdown, and there have been incidents of suicide.

Sexual abuse is almost the same as physical abuse, but in this case, the victim is forced to take part in sexual intercourse. Even though she is not willing, but at one point, she has to give in to the wishes of her husband.

Last but not the least there is financial abuse. These especially for those who are financially dependent on their husbands, but at the same time some workingwomen also go through this situation.

Usually the husband has all the financial power and the wife is left with no money in her hands. Sometimes the working woman also has to go through this where they have to give their entire salary to their husbands.

These are the types of domestic violence that occur in the household.

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