Useful Facts About Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is also called tubal pregnancy. The term ‘ectopic’ means ‘out of place’. The pregnancy starts as usual, as in the case of normal pregnancy.

The difference lies in the fact that the zygote, which is commonly called fertilized egg gets planted outside the uterus, unlike in normal cases, where it is planted inside the uterus.

Which is the place of occurrence of an ectopic pregnancy: Such a pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tubes usually. They are therefore also referred to as tubal pregnancy. Sometimes, there is a change in the place of occurrence of this kind of pregnancies. This can occur in the ovaries or the abdomen or in the cervix based on where the zygotes plant themselves. So, as the case varies, this varies to be called ovarian pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy or cervical pregnancy respectively.

Complications involved: As this type of pregnancy is not something that occurs normally, the zygote is not placed within the protective womb. But, this zygote grows as long as there is space for it to grow. Finally, this will end up in causing rupturing effects to the organ in which it is implanted. There are severe complications that are caused by it, in the mother and this finally leads to a lot of pain and bleeding and can also end up being dangerous to the life of the mother. The fetus too will end up dying due to malnourishment.

How it occurs and how can it be found out: The diagnosis of this is done normally with urine or blood tests. An ultrasound test is also taken sometimes. But, there are common symptoms which the woman herself can feel like extreme pain in the abdomen, pelvis and the lower end of the back. Sometimes, there can be pain in the neck and shoulder as well. The main cause for this is the inability of the egg to travel down the tube because of the inflammation in the pelvis. Another reason is the scar tissue’s presence.

Treatment: The treatment varies in every case. In case it is diagnosed at early stages, the egg can be dissolved through medicines. Otherwise, in advanced stages, the only remedy is to remove the fetus through a surgery.