Useful Tips On How To Make Your Eyes Glow Naturally

Glowing eyes can be an interesting and fun look for you. It is ideal for parties and special occasions where with your friends you can dress in an out of the way manner.

Glowing eyes are created with the help of contact lenses that glow when it is dark. These lenses are not that commonly used and hence if you plan on wearing them, you will be able to draw a lot of attention towards you.

These contact lenses are available both as disposable lenses as well as reusable lenses. However, since these lenses are worn occasionally, the disposable variety of lenses is the best way to bring about a momentary transformation in how you look. The following points will tell you how to make your eyes glow.

Finding The Perfect Lenses

One of the first things to do regarding how to make your eyes glow is to find out a brand that manufactures these lenses. Once you have identified the brand, you can choose from a range of colored lenses. Glow in the dark lenses usually come in a variety of colors such as violet, red, yellow, pink green, orange and white. All of these colors are outrageous and wearing them would make you look unique and outstanding.

Matching The Lenses With Your Outfit

Since these lenses are worn occasionally, you need to decide carefully the outfit that you will wear. This is because if the outfit does not match or at least complement the color of the lenses, then it can make you look scary. Therefore you need to team up the color of your lenses with that of your clothes. For instance if you are wearing violet lenses, you can wear a dark colored outfit such as a black dress. The black dress would highlight your eyes and thus help you with how to make your eyes glow more effectively.

Accessorizing With Your Lenses

Once you have decided on your outfit, it is time to decide on your accessories. With regard to how to make your eyes glow, you need to remember the fact that if you want your eyes to glow then they will be the only highlight of your entire getup. In other words, since eyes that glow demand a lot of attention, you need to keep other aspects of your outfit and accessories to a minimum.

Otherwise, it will make you look haywire. Hence, keep your accessories to a minimum. For instance, if you are wearing violet lenses with a black dress, you can wear a simple black wristband. Do not put on too many accessories.

Matching The Complexion Of Your Skin

One very important point with regard to how to make your eyes glow is the fact that the color of the lenses need to go well with the color of your complexion. For instance, if you are dark complexioned, then wearing violet lenses will not look good. On the other hand, if you are fair complexioned then green lenses would look great on you. You can try out these different lenses and wear the one that suits you best.

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