Useful Zorac Treatment For Treating Acne

Tazarotene is a topical medication that is sold under the brand name of Zorac. It is a prescription medicine that can not be availed over the counter. The medication is used for treating acne and psoriasis. Here are few tips on how to use Zorac effectively.

How Zorac Functions?

The principal active component of Zorac is Tazarotene, which has similar functionalities as Vitamin A and is known as a retinoid. Like Vitamin A Retinoids help in the repair of damaged and dead cells while facilitating its normal growth.

Topical retinoids or Zorac medication helps to treat acne by removing the dead cells that accumulate on the pores of the skin along with impurities and excessive oil secretion from the oil glands.The medication has anti inflammatory affects on the skin.

Zorac is available in the gel and cream form.The customary concentration of the gel used for treating light acne problems is 0.1 percent. For treating extreme skin infections and acne problems,higher concentrations of the Zorac gel is used.

How To Use Zorac?

Skin specialists advise the use of Zorac once in a day and preferably before going to bed. Before the cream or gel is applied over the affected area, the skin must be washed and dried.

Use a gentle cleanser that will not irritate the affected area and allow the skin to dry for a minimum of twenty minutes before you start to apply the cream. Take a thin film of the cream and apply it over the affected area. The amount of cream should not exceed twenty percent of your total surface area.

While retinoid has the same functionality as Vitamin A, its chemical make can prove to have harmful effects when applied on unaffected areas. It is therefore advisable that the gel be washed away if it gets spread to unaffected areas of the skin.

The other care that needs to be taken when applying the medication is that wounds or broken skin should be kept away from the ointment. Zorac gets easily absorbed by the skin cells and excessive application might produce some very harmful effects.

Precautions To Be Taken When Using Zorac

Other than avoiding the use of Zorac on injured skin cells, there are some very essential precautions that must be adhered to in the Zorac Treatment for Acne. The medication should be avoided in case of sunburn.

Sunburn tends to cause skin rapture and Zorac with its chemical composition will easily cause certain side effects as it enters the next layer of the damaged skin. Pregnant women are advised from using the gel.

This might have complications when breast feeding an infant. Although Zorac has been found to be effective on slight acne problems, there have been cases when individuals have reported allergic symptoms to tazarotene.

It is therefore advisable that before using the medication take an advice from your physician. Children who are under the age of twelve should not use Zorac as it will have very harsh effect on their skin.