Health Benefits Of Vitamin C - Causes And Effects Of Vitamin C Deficiency |

Vitamin C Deficiency

The body needs different kinds of vitamins to function at optimal levels. Deficiency of any one vitamin can disrupt the normal functioning of the body. When the body suffers from vitamin deficiency it affects the immune system which results in frequent bouts of illness.

The deficiency of ascorbic acid better known as vitamin C occurs when the body does not get enough amounts of this vitamin from the food we eat. Unlike animals, human beings are unable to produce vitamin C on their own and hence derive it from the food that they consume.

The human body needs vitamin C in adequate amounts to perform a variety of bodily functions. Some of the health benefits of vitamin C are as follows. Adequate amounts of vitamin C help the body to absorb iron from food. Vitamin C hastens the recovery time to heal wounds especially burn wounds.

An excellent antioxidant, vitamin C strengthens the immune system and keeps diseases at bay. Vitamin C is needed for maintaining muscle and bone health. Vitamin C also plays a major role in the production of collagen. For hormone production, to prevent bruising and for healthy gums vitamin C is needed.

A normal healthy adult requires about 60mg of vitamin C every day. People who smoke and those who are experiencing some kind of emotional or physical turmoil require higher amounts of vitamin C.

People who are deficient in this vitamin are more likely to suffer from anemia and scurvy. A dangerous disease, scurvy is characterized by excessive hair loss, joint pain, bleeding gums, bruising and body swelling and in some cases regular episodes of hysteria. Scurvy if left untreated can even affect the collagen production of the body.

Vitamin C deficiency can also lead to premature aging and thyroid problems. The immune system of the body becomes weakened and is unable to fight disease conditions. Hence people who suffer from vitamin C deficiency fall sick very easily.

X-rays and blood tests are routine clinical procedures which are employed to detect whether a person is suffering from vitamin C deficiency or not. Besides citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin C one can also eat plenty of persimmons, parsley, spinach, kale leaves and strawberries to prevent vitamin C deficiency.