Vitamins For Depression

Depression is a common problem among girls and women who have attained the phase of menopause. When a person is depressed he/she wants to remain isolated, considers that he/she is worthless and many times tries to commit suicide also. Hence depression should not be taken lightly.

Vitamins play major role in curing or controlling depression. Vitamins are vital for physical as well for brain health. Given below are some vitamins which can help you combat depression.

Vitamin C: It is one of the most important vitamins required for brain health. When norepinephrine is reduced your brain is very much affected and you suffer from poor memory. Your sharpness of mind is diminished and you start feeling dull. This reason may also lead to clinical depression.

But if you consume plenty of vitamin C you would hardly face this problem. It is also believed that vitamin C plays vital role in reversing depression because it helps in making norepinephrine. This is the reason why some physicians give large doses of vitamin C to their depression patients.

Vitamin B: B vitamins are als known as anti depressants. There are different types of B vitamins such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 etc.

Vitamin B12: Its deficiency leads to pernicious anemia which eventually causes dementia, memory problems, mental fatigue, mood swings, lack of concentration, depression, shortage of breath, weakness etc. But when you take B12 vitamin in sufficient quantity all these problems are reduced or cured.

Vitamin B6: It enhances your mood and plays vital role in the treatment of depression.

Vitamin B3: This vitamin is also known as niacin. It is vital vitamin to cure depression, irritation and mental disturbances. It is also beneficial in treating anxiety. Person deficit in niacin may also suffer from dementia. Its deficiency makes your brain to work slowly.

Vitamin B1: This vitamin is also known as thiamine. Deficiency of this vitamin causes your brain to run out of energy. You start facing depression, weakness, fatigue etc. You also experience suicidal tendency. But this vitamin converts glucose into fuel which provides energy to your brain as well overall system.

Vitamin B5, folic acid and vitamin D are also equally important to cure depression.

Our body can’t store B vitamins so we need to consume daily diet full of vitamin B complex and vitamin C so that we can keep depression at bay.