Water Birth – For a Warm and Soothing Birthing Experience

The birthing process can be very traumatic to the mother. To make the whole delivery process a calming and soothing experience for both the mother and the unborn child, many women are opting to give birth in water.

This is one of the most peaceful and gentle ways to welcome a baby into the world. Many hospitals around the world are offering this non traditional method of delivery to pregnant women.

Ninety countries around the world have recognized the importance of giving birth in a tranquil atmosphere. As a result these countries have made birthing pools mandatory in most of their birth clinics and hospitals. A lot of women may feel apprehensive about the whole procedure. But once they realize what exactly a water birth is, their fears are allayed.

A water birth is actually a novel way to handle the delivery. In a water birth, a baby is actually born underwater. The warm water in the tub where the birthing takes place mimics the atmosphere inside a womb. A water birth is actually less traumatic for the newborn.

A woman finds the whole experience of sitting in a tub of warm water, reading a book or simply listening to music while giving birth, less harrowing than being surrounded by an army of doctors and nurses in green gowns, harsh lights blinding her and with  the overpowering smell of antiseptic all around.

The origin of water birth can be traced back to 1805 when a French woman gave birth by this technique. It was in the 1970’s that this unique birthing technique was reintroduced to the world by a competent obstetrician named Dr. Michael Odent.

Besides being a natural and safe way to give birth, there are several benefits to giving birth in water. The pregnant woman can keep changing her position easily in this birthing procedure, and can find a position which is comfortable to her.

The mother experience less pain while giving birth while the baby gets more oxygen. The pregnant woman feels more relaxed because of the soothing, enveloping nature of warm water.

A water birth should be monitored by a midwife or doctor at all times. Check with your local hospital whether they have this birthing option for a memorable and happy delivery.