Water Diet – For Amazing Weight Loss Results

Water diet, commonly referred to as cold water diet, is a fad diet, where people drink cold water to lose weight.

People following this diet plan can apparently lose weight, without increasing their exercise levels or cutting down on their normal food intake, but by merely drinking a certain quantity of cold water every day. Water Diet is a unique diet plan which works on the notion that by dinking cold water, the body has to burn more calories to bring the water to the normal body temperature during the digestive process.

Depending on a person’s size, the water percentage of the body ranges from 55 to 78 percent. We get water not only from the beverages that we drink; even the food that we consume contains a certain percentage of water. A normal, healthy individual should consume about two liters of clean water every day. Lack of water, leads to dehydration and in extreme cases even death.

It was a scientist and professor named Douglas Silver Porter who introduced the Water Diet to the world. According to Mr.Porter drinking half a gallon or sixty four ounces of water at fifty degrees Fahrenheit or less over the course of the day can help overweight individuals get back into shape. Only distilled water should be drunk. Carbonated or sweetened water should be completely avoided.

By drinking half a liter of cold water –at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or less- the body uses up to twelve calories to bring the cold water temperature to normal body temperature which is about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

If an average person consumes one and a half liters of water on a daily basis then the body burns 36 calories to bring the water to normal body temperature. This way a person burns 4500 calories of energy by drinking cold water. If you follow this diet religiously, you can lose up to five pounds by the end of the year.

The best way to follow this diet plan is by carrying a bottle of ice cold water with you every where. Also increase your intake of cold water during mealtimes. Excessive intake of water can lead to health related problems including edema and can result in loss of essential water soluble vitamins.


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