Ways To Satisfy Women’s Cravings For Love And Sex

Ways To Satisfy Women's Craving For Love And SexThe love of husband and wife is just like a tree which needs to be nourished continuously for proper growth. If they will nourish it nicely with love and care then only it will grow and bloom into a healthy relationship.

Sex is the most vital part of husband and wife relationship which helps the relation to grow into a healthy relation. Sex therapists also say that women are less obsessed about sex than men. Men being very high in libido are always craving for sex while women do not have such sex cravings. Women have more cravings for love than for sex as suggested in a research done in Deacon University of Melbourne, Australia. They are able to enjoy sex more only when it is sugar coated with love.

Men need to show love

Since women will never express their feelings about love or sex, so it is men who have to take the initiative and make their women feel loved quite often by expressing their love. If you will think that my wife knows that I love her and so there is no need to tell her about it is completely wrong. Even if women get old then too they want their spouse to express their love towards them. Love of their spouse is the best cream to enhance women’s beauty. Not even the costliest cream in the world can bring that glow on a woman’s face which her spouses love can.

Generally it is seen that many women who are not beautiful at all start looking nice and attractive when they start getting love from their spouse, their youth starts blossoming. Their body also starts becoming sensuous and a special glow starts reflecting on their face. The reason why women get dressed up is because they want to hear few words of appreciation from their husbands.

Women want all the love and attention of their husbands, so it is the duty of every husband to shower all their love upon them. In order to keep the relationship fresh you should keep on gifting small gifts on various occasions like birthday etc. to express your love for her. Even a small gift given by a husband on special occasion makes her feel precious and loved. These small acts will keep the relationship going and also add spice to your married life.

Change yourself with time

Time is changing very fast and so should you. Instead of considering her just a housewife it is time to treat her like an important part of your life. With changing time men are also accepting their wives as an integral part of their lives. Now men supp-ort their wives in each and every household chores.

Taking care of the family and the house is not juts her job, but men are also trying their level best to support them in their work. This way man are making women feel important and they are creating fun in household work also. This way of sharing each other’s responsibilities be it in the house or out of the house is making women feel loved and equal to men.

Responsibility of men’

The best part of this support and equality is that women after getting so much love and attention have started looking younger and sexier both mentally and physically. Women want to look younger all the time this is their innate feeling. SO try to understand the feeling of romance which is ruling every woman’s heart. Women neither like authoritative husbands nor do they like very simple and religious husbands, they enjoy men who are initiators like they take the initiative to have sex with them or for any other thing too.

Women feel that it is the responsibility of men to sexually excite then for intimacy because it takes more time for women to get aroused. If man wants that his wife should be loyal and faithful to him, then he should also be the same to her. He should also present and image of an ideal husband to her.

Importance of good behaviour

There is no life without wife. In a married life if husbands are important then the role of wife cannot be ignored they are rather more important than men. So it is important that while taking any decision husband would take their wives consent.

If she commits any mistake then husband should not start pointing out her mistakes and start scolding, even she can do something’s wrong being a human being. If your wife is lacking something then you should not crib over the bad things in her. If you will keep on complaining about her lacunas then you will never be able to live a happy married life. Telling other people will only create your bad image.

Sexual problems

The importance of sexual intimacy should be understood by both husband and wife. If your wife has some sexual problem then the husband generally starts avoiding her and his attraction towards her starts decreasing and this is bad. Generally women have sexual problems like: not expressing their sexual feelings, treating sex as a mechanical job, less or no participation in sex.

Talking about unnecessary things while having sex etc. This is the reason why men start drifting away from their wives. There might be some sexual problems in men too like lesser sexual power in men might irritate women, in such cases generally women are not able to say anything clearly on their face.

But indirectly by either avoiding or showing irritation towards husband they express their dissatisfaction. This might result in ignoring husband , talking in irritating manner with husband etc. if this persists then many times women start protesting too when they feel that their spouse is not going to get treated for sexual impotency or any other sexual problem.

If she will not get the happiness form the sexual intimacy with her spouse then she can take wrong ways also like infidelity etc. SO it is the duty of men to get them treated for any kind of sexual problem as soon as possible and give their wife what she demands. If any such problem arises then both the couples should visit a nice doctor and solve the problem together and make their life full of love and care.

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