Ways To Save a Relationship

Like every other department of life, relationships need their share of attention and work.

Taking our relationships for granted is the major reason why they go sour or get damaged. Still intentionally or not, we all tend to ignore the union that was once the centre of our world.

Yet where there is love, there is hope. Even a relationship that has been shaken from its very foundations of trust can be mended and made strong again through love. Here are a few steps in the direction of fixing a relationship to make it thrive in the long run.

At the start of a relationship, we are all eager to please out partners, make little compromises for the betterment of the relationship. Why not now? Accommodate small changes and your partner will surely reciprocate.

The question we all ask ourselves here is, why me? Well, why not you? The reason our steps falter at going first is our ego. Let go of it. A little ego is surely not worth damaging a relationship. And it is your sweetheart that you are making there compromises for. It should not be so hard.

Communicate honestly and openly. Discussing your problems and reaching a mutual solution can do wonders to a relationship. But avoid the blame game. Remember, you want a solution, not points for being right. Use phrases like ‘I would feel better if’ instead of ‘you always’ or ‘you never’.

Listen to your partner. This means no doodling or playing with your hair when he/she is talking (and strictly no television) Look at your partner, nod to tell him/her that you are listening. Any eye rolling is strictly out. If you do not agree to what he/she says, wait till they are done and then politely present your side.

Honour the decisions and solutions you reach together. It will further damage your relationship if you decide to completely ignore the things you have agreed upon.

Engage in things that you used to enjoy together as a couple. This will bring back the joy and excitement that you felt with each other at the start of the relationship. Be affectionate. Give quick kisses and hugs for no reason. Hold hands. These little gestures of love say more than a thousand words.

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