Ways To Turn On Your Boyfriend

turn on your boyfriend

How to Turn on Your BoyfriendThere are many methods by which you can turn on your boyfriend. The tips mentioned in this article would definitely help bring back passion and spark in your relationship.

Tips to Turn on Your Boyfriend

Stop Nagging to Turn On Your Boyfriend

You should stop nagging your boyfriend to turn him on. Give him positive feedback without criticizing him and he will feel comfortable in your company. You should never compare your present boyfriend with old boyfriend.

Show Your Appreciation to Turn On Your Boyfriend

You can easily turn on your boyfriend by asking him about his favorite pastime. Assume that it is a football game and his favorite team is Barcelona. Try finding details about that football club and you can discuss with him about his favorite club.

The attempt will definitely turn on your boyfriend and he will appreciate your efforts to please him. You should allow your boyfriend to spend time with his friends and you should not nag saying things like that “you do not find me special and you are not now spending more time with me”.

Text Messages to Turn on Your Boyfriend

You can compliment him with words. You can turn on your boyfriend by texting him messages to his mobile like “you look cool and sexy in this lovely dress. I love to unbutton it” or “I love your hairstyle. Can I pass my fingers through it?”You can get explicit to turn on your boyfriend. You can text him”When you come close to me, you make me feel …….” and reading those lines would definitely turn on your boyfriend.

You can turn on your boyfriend even when he is not near you. You can write like “Honey! I can’t wait until weekend to chew you “. That will turn on your boyfriend and chances are high that you will receive a call from him, the moment he receives your message. You can write like “Darling, I am having butter and bread now. Can you become the butter and melt in my mouth?” and will turn on your boyfriend.

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Sensual Touches to Turn on Your Boyfriend

You can walk to him and move one finger through the back of his neck and you can rub your shoulders with his. You can caress his hands to turn him on and you can stroke his hair. You can use your legs to massage his legs and that feather touch would turn on your boyfriend.

turn on your boyfriend

You can push his head to your body and you can massage his cheeks. You can turn on your boyfriend by sucking his fingers one by one. You can nibble his ears while in a party and you can whisper sweet things on his ear. You can lean forward and kiss him and turn on your boyfriend. You can try creative ways to touch him and make him feel special.

Write a Book

You can write a book about 50 things that you like most in your boyfriend and you should write things that are honest. It is a bad idea to come out with traits that your boyfriend does not have and that will be a big turnoff in your relationship.

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