What Is Spinning?

If you are looking for a vigorous exercise program, which will help you to burn calories faster and get a lithe, toned body; then spinning exercise is the answer to your prayers.

Most gyms offer spinning classes. An aerobic exercise form, spinning exercise routines are executed on a static or stationary cycle. The best way to describe spinning exercise is by describing it as indoor cycling.

Today one can chose from a range of exercise forms to lose weight. However most of these exercises are just a waste of time, money and energy. A result oriented exercise form, the spinning exercise routine has been embraced by millions of people, the world over. So what exactly is spinning?

In spinning exercise, a group of individuals will follow their instructor who sits on a stationary bicycle. The spinning exercises are normally conducted in gyms, fitness studios or apartments. A number of people work out on stationary cycles simultaneously to the beat of fast music. The fast music; toned down lighting and working out with a bunch of people, creates an energy packed atmosphere that is ideal for spinning workouts.

Spinning classes begin with a short warm up session. This is followed by 45 minutes to an hour of rigorous spinning. A spinning class normally accommodates up to 25 people. These individuals follow their instructor who takes them through the paces.

The instructor also makes his students go through a series of visualizations. For example he may encourage the student to imagine that they are going up hill and coax them to spin harder. This way the students are motivated to perform at their optimum levels and thereby burn calories at a faster rate.

People of different fitness levels can join spinning classes. Although spinning offers a challenging exercise routine, it should not be your only form of exercise. The reason for this is because spinning exercises only target certain muscle groups. To increase you overall fitness levels, combine spinning classes with other activities like swimming, brisk walking, aqua jogging or weight lifting.

Besides burning calories, this low impact, fun exercise routine is ideal for people wanting to increase their flexibility levels. People with heart disease or joint problems should not do spinning exercise.