What To Wear To Work

Women often find it hard to decide what to wear when. They are often confused about their clothing and therefore have a strong chance of making the wrong decision and make a disaster.

But a dressing disaster at work may cost you dearly as people may interpret that otherwise or not take you to be professional or serious about your work. So to avoid those blues, you need to choose correctly when it’s about office or business wear.

Firstly it is essential to know what to avoid strictly. You should avoid wearing loud colors or high heels. Funky accessories or distracting and attention grabbing jewelries are also no-no.

Do not wear too tight or too loose clothes for work. And most necessarily do not wear sexy or revealing clothes. Clothes which are too short or with a plunging neckline or are with laces, are not fit for office wear. Clothes which are informal are also not right for work.

The basic thing is that dress smart but simple when you are going for work. You can choose to wear a skirt or trouser. If you want, you can wear a jacket too. Wear minimal jewelry like a small stud or a small pendent or a bracelet and a simple ring.

Shoes should be simple and color coordinated with your clothes and other accessories. If you want to play safe, then wear a black shoe. Your purse also needs to look simple and neat and not with a complicated look or design.You can wear a scarf to add a little charm to your dressing.

Clothes should be of light or pastel colors. They should be crease free to give a neat look and should fit you well.

Keep your makeup as simple as you can. A light shade of pink or brown will be good for your lip color. Avoid any makeup with glitter or shine for work. Keep your hair neatly tied, specially if you have long hair. That will help you work comfortably and will also not distract your colleagues.

Keep your nails well manicured and neccessarily clean. You can use light shades for nail paint too. And to give a finishing touch to your look, wear a mild perfume. A strong one is simply restricted for work as that may make others at your workplace uncomfortable.