Winter Makeup Tips

As winter approaches a lot of us become more conscious about our skin care as the chill and dryness make the skin lose moisture fast leaving it pale, dry and lifeless.

The oil glands which are there under the skin become relatively less active during the cold months as well. Winter make up should be equipped with such materials and ideas that particularly keep the skin healthy and well moisturized thereby making it look glowing and supple.

As winter affects the whole body and skin being the most exposed organ it loses moisture very fast thereby making the face look pale and making the skin feel itchy and uncomfortable. One should have enough water to keep the body well hydrated during winter. To make the make up look good, the skin should feel good both from inside and outside.

The lips become chapped very fast and one must keep the lips well moisturized with a good lip gloss or lip balm during winter. If the lips remain chapped make up wont look. Thus one should always carry a lip gloss.

Cleansing and exfoliating the skin is important as good make up can only look good on a healthy skin. A light foundation along with a good moisturizing cream should be used. One shouldn’t forget to use sunscreen during winters; we usually forget the harmful effects of the sun which don’t lessen with winter.

The glossy look is most welcome again and make up during winter must be accompanied with darker and more polished shades to bring that much wanted glamorous look. The eyes can be touched with smoky shades while the lips may be hued with glossy bright colors. The nails can be given a coppery or blackberry finish while the eyes must be accompanied with a burgundy or an auburn mascara touch.

The eyes play an important role in defining the face and therefore the make up for winter. Lining the upper lashes with chocolate brown or charcoal liner will well define the eyes for the winter. The smoky look is very much in trend now and this winter the smoky eye can be a good make up option. Coffee and cinnamon shades can only amplify the effect!

Slight shimmers with make up along with a bit of sheen on the eyes can be considered as a finishing touch to the winter make up options.

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