Yogurt Diet – The Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The yogurt diet plan was first reveled in a book written by Anan Luque. This diet plan is based on the theory that if yogurt is added to a list of cleansing foods, which are to be eaten daily, they can help in restoring the overall wellness of the body and rid the body of various toxins.

A high protein, low fat milk by product, yogurt is a healthy food item. You can eat yogurt either plain or have fruit flavored yogurt. When low fat, sugar free yogurt is incorporated into the daily menu and a regular exercise routine is followed, an over weight person can definitely shed the excess weight.

The calcium rich yogurt helps in boosting the immunity levels of the body, maintains the colon health, keeps teeth and bones strong and prevents osteoporosis in women. Yogurt has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and helps in healing a variety of skin problems. It is also a rich source of vital nutrients. Following the yogurt diet plan will not only help you loose weight but keeps you healthy as well.

The yogurt diet plan should not be mistaken for eating yogurt alone. Instead a serving or two of yogurt should be made a mandatory part of your daily meals. Healthy flora present in the gut and probiotics are the two factors which help in making yogurt a weight loss food.

Probiotics are good for healthy intestinal flora which in turn can boost digestion. With better digestion comes improved colon function which can remove the waste materials or toxins from the body. When these toxins are eliminated the overall health of the person also improves.

A typical yogurt diet plan would include fiber rich cereals and a bowl of low fat, sugar free, fruit yogurt for breakfast along with an apple and a handful of nuts.

For lunch a person on a yogurt diet plan can eat baked chicken or grilled fish with a green leafy salad and a bowl of yogurt. For dinner you can eat shredded steamed chicken eaten with slices of multi grain bread and a bowl of low fat yogurt and a handful of pecan nuts.

While following this nutritious diet plan also ensure that you get plenty of exercises in the form of swimming, running or weightlifting.